patrick garritsen, intern on tour

I am a 22 years old dutchman, hailing from Hengelo Gelderland in The Netherlands. Currently I am studying Experience design at the HAN University of Applied Science. On a daily basis I learn all kinds of stuff about media, games, graphic design, websites, social media, interaction design, programming and much more. But now, as a part of my education, I have to do an intership at a company that fits the profile of my study. And I thought, what could be a great intership? Well, I am about to find out. Because I am going to be an intern on tour! That’s right, I want to do an intership in a foreign country so I can get one of the greatest learning experiences. So are you in need of an intern with a lot of skills and experience? And you don’t mind that he is from The Netherlands? Then stop searching! Cause I’m the guy you want. If you have any more questions, send me an email:


I’m always trying to be a very social person. Listening to the feedback of others, respecting them for giving it. But also giving feedback myself, and helping others with their problems. And humour is also a big part of my social skills.


I’m very imaginative. During my childhood i already developed a fascination for fiction. I used my imagination for many things. And I’ve learned to also use it for my work and projects.


I believe that nobody is born with creativity. You become creative by trying and learning. And that’s what I did. Over the years I’ve tried many things and learned a great deal. By practicing graphic design, sketching, drawing, painting and music I learned to be creative.

problem solver

I love a good challenge. Many people come to me with challenges and problems from very different levels. And I help them, by trying to solve those problems. I also have to face my own problems with work, school, projects and other stuff. But i always find a way to solve them.

Well hello there!

My name is Patrick Garritsen, but people also like to call me Graphic Patrick. That’s because i have the ability to make creative designs and other great media products. Now on this website you will find most of my work. I work a lot with Wordpress websites, so i decided to take a beautiful Wordpress website and show my work with it. But of course in the meantime i am working on a online portfolio website of my own creation. Thing is, i want it to be a reflection of myself. And building something like that, will take a while. Hopefully you’ll like my online portfolio and my work!
How cool of you to come and check out my online portfolio!

Here you can see some of my best skills. But besides these skills, I have much more to offer! Besides graphic design, webdesign, creating concepts and writing/speaking English I also possess the following skills: Illustration, sketching, public speaking, advertising, playing music and of course a lot of social skillks. In my CV (curriculum vitae) you can find out more about my skills, experience, etc. You'll find it in my portfolio below.

  • graphic design
  • webdesign
  • creating concepts
  • english


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